ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.   ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.
ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.

   ALKOR Technologies - your CRYSTAL optics supplier.

Alkor Technologies is a modern optical plant supplying optical components for different spheres of life. We supply optical windows, optical lenses, prisms, ATRs, optical beamsplitters, optical mirrors, interference filters for a wide range of optical devices such as: lasers, lydars, gas analyzers and detectors, IR LEDs, FLIR systems and other equipment for Spectroscopy, Thermography and Metrology. We are able to manufacture optical components and coatings to both MIL and GOST quality standards and are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified.
The most popular high quality materials we use for the production include:
Optical Crystals: Calcium Fluoride - CaF2, Barium Fluoride - BaF2, Potassium Bromide - KBr, Sodium Chloride - NaCl, Potassium Chloride - KCl, Cesium Iodide - CsI, Lithium Fluoride - LiF, Magnesium Fluoride - MgF2, Zinc Selenide - ZnSe, Sapphire - Al2O3, Silicon and Germanium;
Scintillation Crystals: NaI(Tl), CsI(Tl), BaF2;
Sillenite Photorefractive crystals: BSO and BGO;
Glass: Optical glass, UV and IR grade Fused Silica.

Optical manufacturing is fully equipped for production from blank to final part. The machine park consists of cutting, cylindrical grinding, grinding, polishing, finishing and centering machines. In total, more than 30 machines are used in production.

Production capabilities allow us to produce several thousand different optical parts per month. We will help you make a prototype, test batch and enter mass production of optical devices.

For technical control of optics, a variety of devices and tools are used to check all parameters of optical parts with the required accuracy. For example, interferometers to control flatness, spectrophotometers to control transmittance, test glasses to control lens radii, etc.

Alkor Technologies takes part in the most challenging projects as a key vendor for leading industrial and research centers all over the world. We successfully complete optical projects for..

.. MIT, Yale and more than 50 Universities all over the world from Australia and Brazil to USA, EU and Japan.
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