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Germanium windows with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating

Germanium window, DLC coating

Alkor Technologies provides DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating for Germanium and Silicon windows. Typically used in Thermal Imaging applications where harsh environments may cause damage to standard AR coatings.

The features of the DLC coating are:

  • Guaranteed adhesion
  • High optical transmission in the IR band
  • High strength, durability and resistance to external aggressive effects.

DLC coating can be optimized for the ranges of 3-5Ám and 7-14 Ám. Check our catalogue for DLC coated Germanium windows. All indicated Germanium windows can be optionally DLC coated.

DLC/AR coated Germanium window.

Germanium windows with DLC coating have successfully passed all necessary environmental (salt water, humidity, high and low temperature) and optical, mechanical tests, applicable to such products. Several special tests were also performed with IR camera "Catherine" and showed complete compliance of our DLC coated Germanium windows with international standarts. A number of special tests of the optical diamond-like coating were also carried out at the Research Institute of Complex Tests of Optoelectronic Devices and Systems (NIIKI OEP). According to the results the DLC coated Germanium windows produced by Alkor Technologies passed completely all tests (MIL-C-675-C, MIL-STD-810, APCM-01071.00001).

At Alkor we are always up for a challenge. Our highly trained staff are always willing to work with researchers to help them determine the best possible Thermal Imaging solution for their particular application.

Alkor Technologies also offers custom IR lenses for Thermal Imaging Cameras.